As much as men deny it, all women make the world go round...

As much as men deny it, all women make the world go round...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lorenzo Galli l'Erudito

So, I opened my emails the other day to find that someone had put my name down to compete in the l'Erudito essay competition run by Lorenzo Galli Estate.

The competition consists of an essay with a three different questions to choose from. The best 12 submissions get offered a place at a two-day masterclass in January - on italian wine's no doubt. The dux of the two-day masterclass then wins a $10, 000 paid trip to Italy, to be completed within the year end.

Due to the fact I just haven't had the time to complete a 1500 word essay on prolific italian varietal winemaker's in Australia! You can only assume I haven't entered for the two-day masterclass, with the competition ending date being Friday 15th October (tomorrow).

There's also he fact I'd be competing with people of the same calibre as Sally Humble, Culter & Co. Sommelier and last year's dux. Which I'm more than likely not so ready for.

Nonetheless I look forward to counting down the days until next year's competition (sarcastic/cringeworthy outloud laughter followed).

Wish me luck!

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