As much as men deny it, all women make the world go round...

As much as men deny it, all women make the world go round...

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Dapper Lads of Fantastic Mr Fox

All of you should know about the books of Roald Dahl, the ingenious children's literature genius/author. He's the one who gave us the great's such as Charlie and the Chocolate factory, The Big Friendly Giant, Revolting Rhymes and of course my favourite - FANTASTIC MR FOX. Such a sly dapper little fox.

Now, a very fond director of mine Mr Wes Anderson has recreated Mr Fox in film (see trailer below). He's created quite a lot of funny quirky films. Most notably Darjeeling Limited, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Life Aquitic and now Fantasic Mr Fox. All o Wes Anderson's films all seem to have a real sophistication to them. Whether it's what his character's are wearing in the film or the awkwardness of some scene's & character's in his films. Whatever it is, I actually like. I'm particularly fond of those printed luggage cases in Darjeeling Limited.

With all Wes Anderson film's comes some classily dressed men and women. See below George Clooney with gorgeous new girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis, Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzman all putting a classy take on the traditional black tie look at the world premiere in London. Both Felecity and Sophie Dahl were both present at the world premiere also. So exited to see this film. For some reason the actors and the classiness of the film just reminds me of international luxury and VIPs.

Here's to old Roald Dahl, thankyou for giving me imagination

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lorenzo Galli l'Erudito

So, I opened my emails the other day to find that someone had put my name down to compete in the l'Erudito essay competition run by Lorenzo Galli Estate.

The competition consists of an essay with a three different questions to choose from. The best 12 submissions get offered a place at a two-day masterclass in January - on italian wine's no doubt. The dux of the two-day masterclass then wins a $10, 000 paid trip to Italy, to be completed within the year end.

Due to the fact I just haven't had the time to complete a 1500 word essay on prolific italian varietal winemaker's in Australia! You can only assume I haven't entered for the two-day masterclass, with the competition ending date being Friday 15th October (tomorrow).

There's also he fact I'd be competing with people of the same calibre as Sally Humble, Culter & Co. Sommelier and last year's dux. Which I'm more than likely not so ready for.

Nonetheless I look forward to counting down the days until next year's competition (sarcastic/cringeworthy outloud laughter followed).

Wish me luck!

Giesen Wine Tasting

Now I know I haven't posted lately and I DID say that I would do it regularly. But I've just been so busy with work and Uni that I really haven't had the time. So I do apologise to all of my loverrrly readers.

So, about three weeks ago at work, my boss - Mr Mark Bailley, Head Somme at the Botanical, declared that I would be "wine stewarding", I guess you could say, at the Giesen Wine Dinner.

The Host for the evening, who was to provide the wines, was David Le Mire MW (left), owner/operator of Vino Pronto and La Linea Wines. The food of course was to be prepared by new Head Chef Paul Cooper (former Sous Chef to Shane Osborne at Pied-a-Terre London).

As you could imagine I was absolutely packing my dacks as new owner Chris Morris, of Colonial Leisure Group (also owner of Computershare), Head Somme Mark and General Manager Ian Rayner were all sitting on the wine dinner.

The dinner consisted of four courses, each course with a wine flight. The first two course had three white wines (all Sauvignon Blanc) for each course and the last two courses had two red wines (all Pinot Noir) for each course.

Unfortunately, I have since lost the sheet detailing each course and the wine's with the wine flight. I can safely say though that there were four Giesen Wine's, the Sauv Blanc, The Brother's Sauv Blanc, Pinot Noir and The Brother's Pinot Noir - all drinking extremely right now. However, my pick of the bunch was the Ata Rangi Pinot we had to substitute because one of the red's (Domaine Chevalier) was corked.
What also should be noted is I accidently poured the Brother's Pinot Noir in the third course flight when it was meant to be in the fourth course flight. The result being I had to take back and replace 8 glasses, resulting in an extremely red face on my part.
However it was an extremely good night, I got the chat to David LeMire and a couple of the blokes from Negociants wines. I'm looking forward to stewarding the next wine dinner, minus the embarassment's.