As much as men deny it, all women make the world go round...

As much as men deny it, all women make the world go round...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Future

Many months have passed since I made my last past. Over a year in fact....

Since then I've acquired myself a fantastic/gorgeous girlfriend who I've been with for over a year and a half now and loving every minute with her (looks like a combination of Freja Beha Erichsen and Leighton Meester off GG, see pictures below). I lost my original job yet acquired an even better one (assistant sommelier at The Botanical in Melbourne), started my first year of university and finally come to the conclusion about possibly what I want to do with my life.

This blog shall now be about what I enjoy. Something that can help me in my search for what career I want to pursue. Right now I'm completing a Commerce degree at University and working part time as an assistant Sommelier in at a beautiful restaurant in, the leafy suburb of, South Yarra (right across from the botanic gardens) in Melbourne. I quite enjoy what I do, particularly serving some expensive Bordeaux's and Bourgogne Rouge, however I can't see myself continuing working night shifts past the age of 22.

I'd much prefer a job where I can enjoy the earnings of a firm worker yet enjoy the interesting and good things in life that come in and the freedom of having your weekend off and having a quaint little apartmet in South Yarra with my partner/girlfriend. I'd love to work somewhere in one of the big four firms or possibly in a publishing firm like Conde Nast Publications.
I'm quite big on anything culutural - wine, clothes, etiquette (due to my lack of it), economics/entrepreneurship, photography, film, architecture, language and of course food. From now I shall model my post's like my very own magazine focusing on these vary interests. I'm going to take inspiration from magazine's such as Mens Vouge, Mens Stlye, GQ and most importantly my facourite magazine, MAN ABOUT TOWN.

So from now on I shall make a post at least once a week and keep you all updated with the going's on of my new and exciting life after high school into the adult world and lifestyle.

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