As much as men deny it, all women make the world go round...

As much as men deny it, all women make the world go round...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Story

As well as designing/creating/editing I'd love to publishing nice novels, short stories, interesting biographies. For a long time now I've tried to collect stories of friends about something that means something to them for just pure enjoyment. I'd one day like to publish pieces like these so if you are a budding novelist or writer, send me your stuff I'd love to read it. I know plenty of interested printers in finding new material. This is the pick of the bunch thus far.

Here is Georgie's story:

Before the use of alcohol, late nights and emotional abuse, there was once a safe place in this world. This was a place where no matter what was going on in the globe time would stop and happiness would come streaming into your veins. It has such inviting warmth that only enlightenment would be your prerogative and the positive energy would seduce you into a world of fantasy and desire.

This place stole many hours of my life away from me; it was my sanctuary for freedom where I had only myself as company. This amazing adventure was hidden deep in the tracking’s of the path following the flowing river of the Maribyrnong along side my house. It was found one afternoon playing along side the river and following the flow of the breeze and the sound of happiness. It was a magnificent tree that way not a day under 100, with wide spread branches and leaves that were as rich as emeralds and as large as the palm of my hand. It was planted in the ground reaching over the running river; its largest branches reached so far over the water it nearly touched the other side. There was a large plant attached from one side of the tree to the other, this plank of wood became the home to my emotions and fears.

The plant of wood was held up by the thick vibrant branches, which held to much life and natural pleasure.
It wasn’t until the day that my world came crashing down and the moment I needed my emotional palace it was gone. Not only did I have to deal with the damage of the world around me, but also the destruction of my soul. The plank of wood that held up not only my body over the water but my spirit was destroyed. The tree had collapsed like the life inside me, it was broken in half and so was my heart. That day I was alone in the world, and I didn’t even have myself as company.

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