As much as men deny it, all women make the world go round...

As much as men deny it, all women make the world go round...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Birds & the Bee's

I was in at university the other day and thought I needed something cheap and easy to spice up my room.

I remembered that I'd passed this different type of florist on Flinders Lane, adequately named "Pollon", in the city numerous times (right next door to Alphaville). Pollon is designed and owned by designer/florist-to-the-stars, Nicholas Minton Connell. This time I thought I'd go in and have a peek as to what they actually sold and found some of the most refreshing floral decorations I've ever seen in my life (without trying to sound too gay - please note that I'm not gay).

I straight away bought a bunch of pussy willows and blossoms (basically big long twigs with blossoms sprouting of them). I may have looked like a complete twit walking from Flinders Lane to the station and sitting on the train with my new bunch o' twigs, however it was all worth the while after seeing them in my room, and I strongly suggest that anyone looking to brighten up their room should go have a look.

Nick's designs are also the closest to what you'll get, in Melbourne, in comparison to Helena Christensen's & Lief Sigersen's floral design store BUTIK (situated in NYC). At $30 a bunch it's seriously worth a look for anyone who's happy to have a different sort of artistic material in their house/room.

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